Flexible building system

For middle and big building projects.

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Flexible building system

About product

We concentrate on manufacture of walls (inner, peripheral) and ceilings from the best materials available on the market that are designated for building of family houses, blocks of flats, garages or lodges. All our panels are certified for EU and RU and we are able to comply with energetic demands "B" during production. Moreover they comply with strict conditions for noise, loading capacity and fire safety.

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Flexible building system
Flexibility Variability of panels + Quality Certification and TOP Materials + Quickness Saving of time + Ecology We save nature

Problem-free building and low cost of living.

About factory

Production plant Vitebsk

Company Easy Wood System is located in Belarus in the city Vitebsk close from the Russian frontier in the area 22.000 m2. From 2014 it concentrates on the manufacture of peripheral, inner and ceiling panels with annual production capacity 300 family houses. In our production we concentrate on quality, quickness and precision and last but not least we don´t forget to take care of ecology. All our products are certified and they comply with strict standards for noise, fire safety or loading capacity.

Production capacity

300+ Family houses per year

Flexible building system
22.000 m2
Area of production grounds
40.000 m2
Annual production capacity of panels
25.000 m2
Annual production capacity of ceilings



Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

Vitebsk district, ag.Oktyabrskaya, Oktyabrskaya Street 1, 211319, Republic of Belarus

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