Flats Zbůch, III. phase

Presentation of project

This developer project is III. phase of building of GARDEN PARK VIŠŇOVKA. There are 2 blocks of flats – together 35 flat units. Thanks to EASY WOOD SYSTEM and their consultation with developer, one third of flats was sold even before beginning of building. Blocks of flats meet with energetic label B, they are equipped with elevator and each flat has its own parking place. www.bytyuplzne.cz

Range of project

35 flat units

Flats Zbůch, III. phase
6 months
Building period
Flat units

Used technology

For building of the project we used panels Easy Wood System. Thanks to usage of modern materials, at the moment buildings from these panels are able to evince energetic demands of class B. Costs of living are therefore lower than in standard brick buildings.

Flats Zbůch, III. phase
  1. Fermacell
  2. KVH prisms
  3. Steam isolation
  4. Mineral wool
  5. Isolation
  6. Glue with gauze
  7. Penetration with facade
All variants of panels

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